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Hashidate Fishing Port Area

Zone du port de pêche Hashidate

The picturesque rural scenery blends softly with the red tiles on the roofs, visitors can enjoy a stroll along the streets lined with these exquisite houses that may not seem as imposing compare with the residence of a samurai family, but these houses possess all the ideal beauty factors of a seafarer. Built by ship owners, these houses are all covered with timbers on the outside as a protection from the winds blown from the Sea of Japan. The Kitamae sailors who risked their lives out to the Northern Seas and made fortunes using their intellectual talents, their souls are now resting peacefully in this warm and lovely town. Being the biggest port of the 3 Kaga fishing ports, the Hashidate Fishing Port offers over 160 varieties of seafood for all seasons; and because of its sandy soil, the Hashidate area is famous for its exceptionally plump and juicy Zuwaigani (Snow Crabs).


Take the CANBUS, get off at "Hashidate Gyoko Teiryujo" Bus Stop and walk for 1 minute.
10-minute drive from Katayamazu IC


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