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Abare (Rampage) Festival

Abare Festival is dedicated to Yasaka Shrine in Ushitsu of Noto Peninsula. The festival is held on the first Friday through Saturday of July every year. Fire is set to a huge wooden log-pillar at Ushitsu pier. After parading giant Kiriko festival lanterns through the town streets, 40 giant Kiriko lanterns are gathered at the pier to the tune of Taiko drums and bells around the fire. The men run and dance around the fire as the flames rise and sparks fly all over the place as the Festival atmosphere reaches its peak. The next day, 2 portable shrines are thrown violently into the sea after they are paraded through the town streets. After they had their 'rough sea bath', they are taken to the bonfire where they are smashed and thrown into the fire until they become almost unrecognizable.


Nights of the first Friday and Saturday of July


Yasaka Jinja Shrine in Ushitsu, Noto-cho, 927-0433


+81-(0)768-72-2505 (Noto-cho Commerce and Tourism Division)


30-minute drive from Noto Toll Road Konogi I.C.


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