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Kita Family House

The Kita Family was the head family of Tomurayaku* who supported the wealth of former Kaga Province and Kita Family's grand residential house was constructed on the instructions by the ruler of Kaga Province, to build a house in accordance with the high status of Kita Family. The house is preserved as it was approximately 300 years ago. As you go through the front gate with an imposing thatched roof and see the main building, you'll get an idea about the wealth of Kita Family's fortune, which was said to be as large as 2,300 koku. The house has preserved the typical features of a Tomura residence. * Tomurayaku, local magistrate, would be rich farming family of the region that would have 10 villages under its jurisdiction.


Kitakawashiri Ra-4, Hodatsu-Shimizu cho






Adults 500 JPY, 200 JPY for Elementary and Junior high school students


9:00-15:30(December-February) 9:00-16:30(March-November)


1st Monday of every month, Dec 29 - Jan. 3


It's a15 minute walk from JR Menden station



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