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Senmaida Rice Fields

People visiting Senmaida are greeted by an amusing site with many layers of rice paddies on the steep slopes with an area of 1.2 hectares at the foot of Koushuzan Mountain. The number of these paddies goes up to 2000. These green rice paddies facing the sea create are spread almost geometrically and thus create a beautiful and bright landscape on the background of the blue sea. From Spring to Summer, the rays of evening sun setting over the sea reflect beautifully on the green paddies and make it an ideal spot for landscape photography. The average surface area for 1 rice paddy is just about 6 square meters. Because of paddies' small size, no ploughing machinery can be used and all the work is done by hands which take many times more labor than working in the fields on the plains. It was designated as a 'Place of Scenic Beauty' on 29th January 2001.


Shiroyone-machi, Wajima City


+81-(0)768-23-1146(Wajima City Tourism Division)


1 minute walking distance from Shiroyone bus stop



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