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Kutaniyaki Kiln Exhibition Pavilion

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This Exhibition Hall allows visitors to see the "Kama-ato" (pottery oven) used by the Yoshida Family who resurrected the art of Kutaniyaki Porcelain. The "Kama-ato" was constructed in 1826 (Bunsei 9) by Den-emon Yoshidaya, and the oven was closed down only 7 years afterwards. However, new owners have put the oven into great use and over the 180 years, many works of art were created from this "Kama-ato". Now the history and process of making Kutaniyaki Porcelain are explained in detail to visitors in this Hall with exhibitions of the actual work of Kutaniyaki Porcelain, panel boards and tools used in making the potteries. You can also try your hands on painting (2,000 JPY-, about 90 minutes) and on the pottery wheel (1,500 JPY-, about 2 hours).


19-101-9 Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga-shi, 922-0242






Adult 310 JPY, free entry for those who are 18 or under, 75 or above 150 JPY


9:00-17:00 (last admittance 16:30)


Tuesdays (opens on holidays)


10-minute drive from JR Kaga Onsen Station;
or a 10-minute walk from Kaga CANBUS Yamashiro Onsen Stop East Exit


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