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Ishikawa Prefectural Noh Theater (Nogakudo)

People say that Kanazawa is said to be a place where "Music of Noh chants falls from the heavens" because professional gardeners in Kanazawa have been known to hum Noh verses as they climb the trees to trim the branches. This saying is an indication of Noh popularity in Kanazawa. The generations of Maeda Family, which ruled Kaga Province in feudal times, were always men of taste. The 5th Lord of Kaga Province, Maeda Tsunanori, encouraged Hosho style of Noh, since it was also a favorite with the Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. As a result, Kaga-Hosho style of Noh became popular among the warrior class. Regular Noh performances are held every month (except in August) by Kanazawa Nohgakkai at Ishikawa Prefectural Noh Theatre, which is the center of Noh in Ishikawa. Besides this, "Evening Noh Performances" are held on Saturday evenings from July to August. Visitors can also appreciate and study the beautiful Noh stage.(not possible during the rehearsals).


Ishibiki 4-18-3 Kanazawa








Mondays, National Holidays, 29th December-3rd of January


5 minutes walk from Dewamachi bus stop



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