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Dining:Noto Area


  The Noto region boasts gourmet food featuring fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan. Ishiru Hot Pot, whose broth is flavored with a local fish-based soy sauce (ishiru), is also a delicacy that is popular among visitors.


  Our recommendation is the local Kaga Cuisine, which has been passed down for generations since the age of samurais. Sushi and oden are also favorites among visitors.


  In the hot spring resorts around Kaga, each season features different delicacies. For example, spring dishes feature sea bream and winter features crab or yellowtail. The Mt. Hakusan region is famous for hand-made soba (buckwheat) noodles.


40 years in Wajima, this sushi kappo not only serves host to local clientele, but also boasts repeat visitors from far away places. Evenings offer a full list of individual dishes, and also seasonal delights throughout the year. Given its location right next to the morning market, the fresh catch is awaiting your arrival.

Wajima Sushi-dokoro Shinpuku

This sushi spot uses morning caught fish from the Noto. Be it sailfin or Sasa flounder, here you can try uncommon fish that are not found elsewhere. The magnificent Asa Ichi Don’s toppings change based on what fish are in season, so different flavors could be had daily.

Wakura Onsen Nobu Sushi

Opened in 1961. While Wakura Onsen remains a tourist destination, this spot garners much support from its local customers. On top of valuing the freshest seasonal ingredients and the flavor of Noto rice, it is reputable for its classical sushi flavors. Popular is the “Omakase Nigiri” for its abundant seasonal delights.

Miki Sushi

This sushi restaurant in Wajima has a clientele formed of many local residents. From the standard nigiri sushi to sushi using the local seasonal catch and sashimi appetizers, they have built a reputation on the freshness of their fish. Additionally, with their collection of local sakes, if you ever find yourself in Wajima, you’ll want to take your time when dining here.

Wajima Yabu Main Location

Established in the Taisho period. Even now, soba is handmade by traditional methods. Buckwheat is ground on a stone mill, kneaded in a wooden bowl, rolled with a noodle rolling pin, and cut with a knife; the soba is freshly ground, freshly made, and boiled to order. The aroma of buckwheat and careful preparation is apparent.

Teraoka Fusha Togi Main Location

A Steakhouse offshoot of the 105 year old Teraoka Livestock Farm. Headlining the menu is Noto Beef carefully scrutinized by the company president himself, and other select Japanese beef. With a complete selection of yakiniku, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, steaks, and more, enjoy beef as it was meant to taste, as judged by the connoisseurs.

Tsujiguchi Hironobu Museum Le Musee de H

Born in Nanao, internationally successful pâtissier Hironobu Tsujiguchi manages this patisserie & café. Here, many types of sweets are served, created with ingredients local to Ishikawa Prefecture. Spend a blissful moment in the special seats from which Nanao’s inland sea spreads out before your eyes.