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Dining:Kanazawa Area


  The Noto region boasts gourmet food featuring fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan. Ishiru Hot Pot, whose broth is flavored with a local fish-based soy sauce (ishiru), is also a delicacy that is popular among visitors.


  Our recommendation is the local Kaga Cuisine, which has been passed down for generations since the age of samurais. Sushi and oden are also favorites among visitors.


  In the hot spring resorts around Kaga, each season features different delicacies. For example, spring dishes feature sea bream and winter features crab or yellowtail. The Mt. Hakusan region is famous for hand-made soba (buckwheat) noodles.

Cooking Studio KANAZAWA Salon

We offer a friendly, enjoyable cooking class in English for the visitors from abroad utilising an attractive Kanazawa Machiya (a historical town house).

Iki-iki Tei

Regional cuisine, sushi, tempura, and other dishes for those who want to sample a wide variety. Over 100 Japanese dishes offered at reasonable prices. You’ll want to taste the various items made with fresh ingredients along with their abundant selection o

Sakura Chaya

Located near the Ishikawa castle gate and Kenrokuen in a traditional Japanese townhouse. This space exudes style from the tatami rooms looking out on the moss garden to the glass waterfall flowing in the table section. Aside from cuisine using Hokuriku’s

Wa no Shoku Haneya

Appealing is the ease of use this dining space provides from the seats at the solid timber counter, to the rooms with sunken kotatsu tables and large tatami rooms. The cuisine served here is Japanese, which showcases the talent of their elite chefs. Enjoy

Yakitori-ya Paparoku

Unparalleled freshness using morning harvested Noto poultry has a rich flavor and firm texture. Grilling over bichotan charcoal creates a crisp outside and juicy inside. Because the proprietor is also a volunteer tour guide, feel free to inquire about Kan

Monja Tei

Right in the center of Katamachi is a shop where the best teppanyaki can be had. In addition to Monjayaki and savory pancakes, are many a la carte dishes to enjoy without losing interest. Try making your own original item by choosing from the many individ

Ajidokoro Yoshimura

In Kanazawa’s Daiku-machi crowded with Kappo style restaurants, this one has been well known for many years. Showcased here are many dishes based on local, in-season ingredients. While they have comfortable tatami rooms, do try getting a seat at the count

Kenrokuen Kanazawa Ryori Kenkenochin・Yuzukitei

The cuisine’s preparation, directed by executive chef Enomoto, who holds the title of Japanese Cuisine Meister, a rarity even in Japan, draws out the flavor of all ingredients and brings together traditional Japanese hospitality into one masterpiece. Conv

Janome zushi Main Location

Opened in 1931.At present, the third generation is keeping the original flavor alive. Above all else, the set menus featuring sushi and Kaga cuisine are popular among tourists. This attractive building has two stories of all wood construction, where you c

Kanazawa Sekitei

Built during the end of the Meiji era retaining the features of the Yokoyama estate, a retainer of the Kaga Domain. It is noted for its shabu-shabu, being the 4th in Japan to serve the dish. At present they serve a variety of dishes including monthly chan

Hosho Sushi

Working with seafood delivered 3 times a day, this sushi restaurant is known for serving up an abundance of the freshest local fish. Due to many years of trust and accolades, the daily ordered fresh fish toppings are backed by an unwavering popularity. He





Curry no Champion Main Location

Regarded as a representative of “Kanazawa Curry,” shops have opened across Japan. Rich sauce and cabbage topping served on stainless steel plates and eaten with forks is this shop’s trademark. The most popular item is the “L Cutlet Curry.” ※Please note th

Sakura Hanabi

Authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisine is exquisitely presented luxuriously utilizing local fish, Kaga vegetables, and hand-selected meats. Obtaining the best quality meat is made possible due to this corporation’s ownership of a meat-processing departmen

Chuka Ryori Heiwaken

At this Chinese restaurant, you can taste their special handmade noodles, made in-shop from specially selected flour. Many longtime fans come for these firm textured, rich tasting noodles. For those with an appetite, the service sets are recommended.


Know as a “back alley landmark,” this restaurant serves up Ishikawa’s local dishes and Okinawan cuisine. At the counter seats, ingredients on large platters are lined up, making it fun to choose the foods you want to eat. There is also a large selection o

Daiba Kanazawa Station Front Location

Japanese cuisine based on ingredients native to Kanazawa, focusing on simple flavors and good prices. The tatami sitting areas and tables offer privacy and allow for slow-paced dining. A full selection of drinks is available including local Hokuriku sake,

Caffe Arco Mercato

Located adjacent to Kanazawa's kitchen, Omicho Market. Complete meal service starting with a breakfast menu, lunch, desserts, and coffee is available. With a dinner menu offering 70 items a la carte and full bottles of wine at ¥2000, enjoy Italian dining


Located amidst the flowing canals, looking out on the glorious stonewalls of Kanazawa Castle. Set foot inside to find a concentration of Kanazawa’s craftsmanship in this beautiful space. Here you can taste Japanese sweets made from carefully selected ingr

Family Restaurant Kohrinbo Daiwa

This restaurant is on the 8th floor of Kohrinbo Daiwa. Dining here is easy; with a wide selection of Japanese, western, sushi and sweets there’s something on the menu for everyone from children to seniors. Keep it in mind as a convenient dining stop durin