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Dining:Kaga/Hakusan Area


  The Noto region boasts gourmet food featuring fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan. Ishiru Hot Pot, whose broth is flavored with a local fish-based soy sauce (ishiru), is also a delicacy that is popular among visitors.


  Our recommendation is the local Kaga Cuisine, which has been passed down for generations since the age of samurais. Sushi and oden are also favorites among visitors.


  In the hot spring resorts around Kaga, each season features different delicacies. For example, spring dishes feature sea bream and winter features crab or yellowtail. The Mt. Hakusan region is famous for hand-made soba (buckwheat) noodles.

Konpa-tei Hashizume-an

Their signature dish is individual sized mixed rice pots made from scratch starting with uncooked rice. While waiting, enjoy a cup of green tea or even spend time admiring the lacquerware displayed for sale. Here you can experience Japanese hospitality with all five senses.

Kassen Shintoku

Directly run by Maruya Suisan, a fishing trawler operator out of Kaga’s Hashidate fishing port. With the day’s catch unloaded at the docks on display right before your eyes, the freshness is unparalleled. You will find pleasure in the sashimi and natural flavors of the fresh seafood.

Kaiseki Nakao

From seafood caught in Hashidate harbor to wild vegetables handpicked by the head chef, guests are treated to cuisine based on the ideal of “local production for local consumption.” The garden offers a view of the seasons from rooms built in Japanese style using unfinished wood, providing a Japanese feast for the eyes, as well as the palate.

Hide Sushi

This sushi restaurant is located in the heart of Komatsu’s business district. Fresh fish toppings and a wide variety, including tuna ordered whole direct from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market. The hand formed sushi is thoughtfully chosen based on each customer’s tastes. With even the rice size being personalized, it’s nice to know there’s so much attention to detail.

Komatsu Udon Dojo Tsurutto

In the Edo Period, poet Matsuo Basho was said to have eaten “Komatsu Udon.” The pilot shop was opened here in 2010. Using lots of kelp, the broth is flavored with herring, scad, and mackerel, and is characterized by its clear, gentle flavor.

Nakasa Nakaten

The garden viewable from all seats projects Japanese refinement. Their nabe-udon uses thick and thin noodles, to enjoy different tastes and textures. Another nicety is that, excluding the lunch menu, all items come with green tea and dessert.

Trattoria Pizzeria Alla Contadina

At spaciously arranged tables, enjoy Italian dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Ingredients are a mix of local and Italian imports, seeking to deliver an authentic flavor. Recommended are the homemade pastas and stone-oven fired pizzas.

Chichukai Ryori Mouton

Located conveniently, just five minutes walk from Komatsu Station. With prior roles in hotels and restaurants as executive chef, the owner presents dishes from the simple to authentic French. Together with the wide variety of cellared wines, you’ll want to spend some quality time here.

Pisolino Nonoichi

◇The Naples pizza roasted by wood kiln and a formal pasta are all-you-can-eat!◇ We are also preparing the dessert and the drink bar for 30 or more kinds of dishes on the theme of the healthy vegetables on a par with a big buffet table with abundant products offered!

Chuka Hanten Kunyan

Recommended above all else is the soy sauce flavored ramen and bite sized gyoza loaded with vegetables. This place is perfect for those with a big appetite, wanting decent prices. If you have enough time, do try the large order of chicken kara-age. Take out is also available.

Obanzai Konjaku Izakaya Ichigo Ichie

Step through the noren to find an old style Japanese home showing its bear beams and columns, opening up to an invitingly warm space. “Local ingredients for local consumption” is the theme behind the cooking, focusing on Japanese cuisine and pre-prepared dishes. Seafood from the local Hashidate Bay and Kaga vegetables are featured on the menu.