Kiriko Festivals in Noto




Kiriko festival of Nanao City

01Issaki Hôtô

02Notojima Kôda
Fire Festival

03Shiotsu Bonfire Lovers' Festival

04Nanao Gion

05Shingo Nôryo

Notojima Island Course

Nanao City Area Course

Notojima Island Course

Noto Nakajima Course

Nanao City was the capital of the province in olden times, and it has since developed as the center of Noto. This course includes visits to a museum to learn about the painter of the Momoyama period, Tohaku Hasegawa, and to the historic site of the castle constructed by the first lord of the Kaga Clan, Toshiie Maeda. Please enjoy a free and easy time on Notojima Island in Nanao Bay.

Second day

Enjoy Notojima Island

Appreciate glass art in the glass museum and visit the aquarium to observe marine creatures.

Rent a car

(You can take a bus at Nanao Station or Wakura-onsen).

Have a footbath while taking in the views of Notojima-ohashi Bridge on your right and Twin Bridge on your left.


Enjoy Wakura Hot Spring, the spa with a history of 1,200 years that was loved by the lord of the Kaga Clan. You can make onsen eggs in the hot spring.


Route 47 ~ Route 257

This museum with a unique architectural design features late-modern-period glass art from all over the world. Glass sculptures are exhibited outdoors.


Route 257
Koda Park (if you have time)

A dolphin family lives in this park’s inlet. With luck, you may see dolphins swimming.


Route 257

Here you can see about 500 types of fish, including whale sharks and fish from waters adjacent to the Noto Peninsula. You can also enjoy sea lions and dolphin shows.


Route 257 ~ Route 47~ Route 1
Return from JR Nanao Station


For Hokuriku Shinkansen passengers...

Suzu pottery and Wajima lacquerware can be viewed in the exhibition space on the train. Traditional performing arts are displayed in the train on Saturdays and Sundays.


Access from Tokyo
  • Hokuriku Shinkansen (Kanazawa) JR Nanao Line (Nanao)
  • Noto Satoyama Airport Furusato taxi Nanao Station
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