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Otabi-maturi Festival

With a 340-year history, this Festival is famous for its magnificent Hikiyama (portable shrines) and the lovely Children Kabuki Performances. There were a total of 10 Hikiyama starting from 1766 (Meiwa 3) to the end of the feudalism period, and nowadays 8 of those are carefully preserved.The 8 Hikiyama are displayed in each town, where the famous Children Kabuki Performances are held inside two of the Hikiyama. This Kabuki Performance is renowned nation-wide for being one of the 3 best Children Kabuki Performances, along with Musashi Chichibu and Omi Nagahama Performances. It is especially popular when all the 8 Hikiyama come together and the children actors perform a fantastic act on the illuminated Hikiyama in the dark.


Mid-May (a 4-day festival around the 15th )


Ubashi Jinja Shrine; Moto-ori Hiyoshi Jinja Shrine (Komatsu City)


+81-(0)761-24-8076 (Komatsu Tourism and Products Division)


10 minute walk from JR Komatsu Station.


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