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Kanazawa Municipal Nakamura Memorial Museum

Nakamura Eishun, a wealthy Sake brewer of Kanazawa, was also well up in Tea Ceremony as well. He believed that "Old precious art didn't belong to any one person, but was the treasure of the whole country and it shouldn't be scattered and lost and we should build an art museum of old arts in Kanazawa" and this belief is the foundation of this Museum which displays a variety of interesting art antiques. The objects on display include a wide variety of traditional art objects such as Calligraphy works, paintings, Kaga Maki-e (gold or silver lacquer work), Kaga Zogan (Inlay work) with the main focus on the art objects related to Tea Ceremony. Visitors can also see some of Japan's designated Important Cultural Assets including calligraphy work of Muso Soseki. After a tour of the Museum, visitors can take a break in the rest area and enjoy Maccha (green tea).


Honda Park Complex, Honda-machi 3-2-29 Kanazawa 920-0964






Adults 300 JPY, No entry fee for high school students and below. 200 JPY for 65 years and above


9:30-17:00 (Entry open till 16:30)


29th December-3rd of January


2 minutes walk from Honda-machi bus stop


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