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Ohi Pottery Museum  (10th Ohi Chozaemon Kiln)

This Museum offers its visitors an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Kaga-Kanazawa's Tea Culture and generations of Ohi pottery starting with the 1st Chozaemon who came to Kanazawa with the founder of Urasenke Tea school, Senso-Soshitsu, till the present day. This museum displays old as well as modern works of Ohi pottery reflecting 340 years of this tradition which is famous for its ame-gusuri (amber glaze) brought from Raku Family of Kyoto and which has incorporated Senso's favorite designs as well as originality contributed by generations. The traditional aspects, modernity and the new Ohi works with a blend of tradition and modernity are displayed in 3 exhibition rooms. The Ohi Gallary adjoining the Museum displays and sells the works of 10th Chozaemon and his eldest son Toshio.


Hashiba-cho 2-17 Kanazawa 920-0911






Adults 700 JPY Children 500JPY




Open all days


Take a Hokutetsu bus and get down at Hashiba-cho. 1 minute walk from the bus stop



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