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Daijoji Temple

Daijoji is a Zen temple of Soto sect and is situated at the base of the Daijoji mountain next to a small mountain called Nodayama. This Zen temple belonging to Sotoshu or Soto sect was built in 1261 by the 3rd Head Priest of Eiheiji temple, Tettsu Gikai (1st Year of Kocho Era). Eiheiji and Sojiji temples are the head temples of Daijoji. Over a period of 700 years, the temple prospered as it received protection from the devoted Shugo Daimyo Togashi as well as Honda Family, whose members served as top ministers of Kaga Province. Inside the temple, various Buddhist structures such as the main hall, Zen meditation hall stand in a corridor style. One can feel the quietness and tranquility typical of a Zen temple.The temple also accepts people who want to stay at the temple and experience the life style of Zen priests.


Nagasakamchi Ru 10, Kanazawa








20 minutes walk from Heiwa-machi bus stop


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