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Myoryuji Temple (Ninjadera)

Myoryuji, popularly known as Ninjadera (Ninja Temple) is an old temple belonging to Nichiren sect. The 3rd Lord of Kaga clan, Maeda Toshitsune constructed this temple as a place where members of Maeda Family could offer their prayers. From the outside it looks like a simple temple with 2 floors but once you enter the temple, you'll find that it has 4 floors and 7 tiers and the temple has a very complex architecture with 23 chambers and 29 staircases. There are a total of 29 different contrivances to fool the enemy such as hidden chambers and stairs, completely unexpected and reversible trap like doors and floor, escape pits. You need to make reservations in advance since a tour of the temple is always conducted by guides.


Nomachi1-2-12, Kanazawa, 921-8031




800 JPY for Adults/Students
600 JPY for Elementary Students
Admission by reservations(Infants not allowed)


09:00-16:30 (9:00-16:00 Nov. to Feb.)


Buddhist Service Days, 1st January, 16th January-20th January


5 min-walk from Hirokoji bus stop of Hokutetsu Bus



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