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Shio Yawaragi no Sato

With 1,500 trees of Someiyoshino cherry blossom variety, Yawaragi-no-Sato (Place of Peace) is one of Noto's most famous cherry blossoms viewing spot. The facility is equipped with washroom as well as a parking place. Yawaragi no Sato also has a temple gate, main hall, belfry, tea room, etc. with a focus on Prince Shotoku. Yawaragi's main hall's design is based on the design of Kyoto's famous Sanjusangendo Temple. This main hall displays 33 Hakata dolls that express "Shape of Harmony". These dolls, designated as Intangible Cultural Properties, are made by famous doll-maker late Kojima Yoichi and his disciples.




Shikinami, Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho




10-minute walk from JR Shikinami Station


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