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Komaruyama Park's Sakura

This was originally the site of Nanao Castle founded close to the seashore by the 1st Lord of Kaga Province, Lord Maeda. In 1920, this land was converted into a park. From the Park, you can see the whole view of Noto's mountains and towns as well as Nanao Bay as described by Otomo-no-Yakamochi in famous poetry collection of Manyoshu. This park is a place where people can come and relax or take a stroll. It is also popular as a flower viewing spot.Someiyoshino: 150 trees, Yaezakura: 20 trees, Shidarezakura: 30 trees. In total, there are 200 Sakura (Cherry blossom) trees.




NE 1-1 Umadashi-machi, Nanao-shi


+81-(0)767-53-8424 (Nanao City Tourism Association)


5-minute walk from JR Nanao Station


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