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Wajima Taisai Festival

10 meter tall festival lanterns called Kiriko as well as smaller portable paper lanterns are carried through the town streets along with portable shrines called 'omikoshi'. At the festival climax, a special bonfire by the sea is lit, and Gohei (decorative strips of white paper used in Shinto rituals) that fall from the top are scrambled for by brave men wearing loincloths. It is believed that the person who catches Gohei strips achieves success in everything he does. The giant Kiriko lanterns are indispensable to various festivals celebrated in Noto. Wajima's festival kirikos are especially distinctive because of their famous magnificent Wajima lacquer coatings.


August 22nd - 25th


Towns in Wajima City: Kawai-machi(Juzo Jinja Shrine), Fugeshi-machi, Wajimazaki-machi,


+81-(0)768-22-6588 (Wajima Tourism Association)


Near Furatto Homu (old Wajima Station)


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