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Okuma Kabuto Festival

One of Japan's Important Intangible Cultural Properties. This important Festival is dedicated to Kuma Kabuto Arakashi-hiko Shrine which is also known as Kuma Kabuto shrine. This Festival is also known as "20th Day Festival" since it is celebrated on 20th of September every year. The main attraction of the Festival is towering Wakubata, with a height of 20 m (a long banner of crimson wool attached to a tall pole on a wooden frame) that are paraded through the town like omikoshi portable shrines. On the festival day, Mikoshi (portable shrines) and banners from 19 suesha (branch) shrines in the surrounding area converge on Kuma Kabuto Shrine, led by Sarutahiko Okami (a Shinto deity) and accompanied by the sound of Japanese bells and drums. The gathering of these shrines and banner poles is an impressive sight. It is believed that the deities enshrined in this shrine are Korean deities. Visitors will enjoy the unique exotic atmosphere of various Festival ceremonies.


September 20th


Nakajima-machi Miyanomae, Nanao City, 929-2225


+81-(0)767-53-8424 (Nanao City Tourism Division)


Right next to the Noto Toll Road Yokota I.C


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