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This Festival is a designated as Japan's Important Intangible Cultural Property and is widely known as "Seihakusai Dekayama Festival". Dekayama are the huge festival 'floats' that are carried through the streets of Nanao adding its own festive colours to the Spring colours. Seihakusai is celebrated in May and is one of the biggest festivals of Noto. This Spring Festival is dedicated to Ootoko-nushi (Sanno) Shrine in Nanao. The main attraction of the Festival is the Dekayama or the 'huge festival floats'. These Dekayama are as high as 12 meters and weigh almost 20 tons and the diameter of their wheels is 2 meters. Apart from the size of Dekayama, changing the direction of huge creaking wheels with the help of ropes is another attraction of Seihakusai.


May 3rd - 5th


Nanao City Street s(area around San-no Shrine, Fisherman's Wharf, etc.)


+81-(0)767-53-8424 (Nanao City Tourism Division)


10-minute walk from JR Nanao Station


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