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Kiriko Lantern Museum


Kirikos are huge lanterns with their height ranging from 4 to 15 meters. These Kirikos are integral parts of the various Festivals of Noto Peninsula celebrated in summers. Kiriko Kaikan or Kiriko Lantern Museum displays beautiful Kiroko lanterns painted in Wajima lacquer style used in Wajima Festival besides the regular display of Kirikos from different parts of Noto Peninsula used in different festivals. Thus, it's possible to get a taste of the festive atmosphere any time of the year. A number of tall Kirikos-some of them as tall as 10 meter, lined next to each other is a grand sight. Apart from Kiriko festivals the Museum also has a number of displays related to Noto's other festivals. If one wants to get an idea about history and customs of people living in Noto, Kiriko Kaikan is the place.


Marine-town 6-1, Wajima City






Adult 620 JPY; High School Students 470 JPY; Elementary and High School Students 360 JPY


8:00 - 17:00


Open All Year Round


Take the "Coastal Course" of the Community Bus from Wajima Furatto Homu and get off at "Kiriko Kaikan" Bus Stop (30 minutes); or 30-minute walk from Wajima Furatto Homu;


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