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Shimo Tokikuni House

In the 16th century, when Tozaemon Tokiyasu (12th generation of Tokikuni Family) was the head of the Family, the 2nd son Senmatsu separated from the main family and established a new branch and called it Shimo-Tokikuni which prospered alongside the main branch-now known as Kami-Tokikuni. Tokikuni Family worships the child Emperor Antoku who lost his life in the battle of Dannoura and Tokikuni Family is known as "Noto's Emperor Antoku Worshipping Tokikuni Family". This building was constructed about 370 years ago and the thatched roof of his building is in a style called 'Iriomoya' (Gabled and Hipped Roof). Although the house is constructed in a style adopted by private houses of those times, it's a special house with lot to offer to a visitor including imposing frontage, earth floor and Japanese style room in Shoin architectural style 1963. In 1963, this residence was designated as Important Cultural Property for being the oldest private residence in Noto. Kami (Upper) and Shimo (Lower) Tokikuni residences have attached gardens, which are included in National Scenic Beauty Spots.


2-1 Machino machi-Nishi Tokikuni, Wajima City, 928-0205






Adults 600 JPY, Senior High school students 400 JPY, Elementary and Junior High school students 300 JPY


8:30-17:00 (Entry Open till 16:30)


Weekdays in winters (1/4-3/31)


Take a Hokutetsu bus from Furatto-Homu (old Wajima station) to Ushitsu and get down at "Kami-Tokikuni", from where it's a 1 minute walk.



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