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Kami Tokikuni House

After the battle of Dannoura, a Taira general named Tairo no Tokitada drifted away to find himself in Noto. Afterwards, he settled in this region and Taira no Tokikuni, the founder of Tokikuni Family, was born. He gave up the family name of "Heike" and adopted the new family name of "Tokikuni". He helped the neighbouring village farmers who were in great distress and prospered as a wealthy farming family of the region for many years to come. The present residence, open to public was built by the order of 21st head of the Family. The construction took 21 years (1808-1828) and was supervised by famous workman Adachi who contributed to the construction of Higashi Honganji Temple of Kyoto. The residence has a floor space of 624 sq. m and the thatched roof has a height of 18‚, which was one of the biggest in those times. Various parts of this residence such as the 'golden ceiling', 'Dainagon (Great Councilor)'s Room offer a taste of the old style to its visitors. (Designated as National Important Cultural Property)


13-4 Machinomachi-Minami Tokikuni, Wajima City




Adults 520 JPY, Senior High school students 420 JPY Elementary and Junior high school students 310 JPY


Jul-Sep 8:30-17:30, Oct-Jun 8:30-17:00


Open all days


Take a Hokutetsu bus from Furatto-Homu (old Wajima station) to Ushitsu and get down at "Kami-Tokikuni", from where it's a 3-minute walk



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