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Hegurajima Island

In 2001, Hegurajima and Nanatsujima were included in the list of Important Wetlands of Japan. Hegurajima is a flat island, located approximately 50 km north of Port of Wajima with a circumference of about 5 km and 12.4 m above the sea level. Hegurajima is basically a solitary island in the far off sea and the island keeps getting battered by the waves of Japanese Sea because of which the island has complex inlets and cliffs including a 10 m high cliff near the coast to the northwest. It's also one of the best fishing places and in the summers, the village women divers dive in the sea to catch abalone or turban seashells. Besides this, it is one of those less known good spots for bird watching and some of the migratory birds that are seen here, cannot be seen elsewhere.


Amamachi (Hegurajima Island) Wajima City


+81-(0)768-23-1146(Wajima Tourism Division)


Scheduled Ferryboat "New Hegura" 1 round trip in a day (90 minutes)
Wajima Departure: 9:00
Hegurajima Departure: 15:00 (14:00, Nov. to Feb)


Take the scheduled New Hegura ferryboat from Wajima Port to the Hegurajima Island



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