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Around the Hakusan-Tedorigawa Geopark

The landforms and landscapes flowing from Mt. Hakusan to the Tedori River and down to the Sea of Japan, and the traditional foods and lifestyles this bounty of water sustains, were recognized in 2011 as a Japan Geopark. A Geopark is a special natural park that provides a place to see the legacy of geography, and the work of the animals and people that live on it.

This course will take you by car around the Tedori River Gorge, the Kuwajima Fossil Wall, and the Million-Kan Rock (kan=3.75 kg traditional unit of weight; 16 m high, 52 m around), which are some of the attractions of the Hakusan-Tedorigawa Geopark.

Use a rental car(time: 8 hours)


Kanazawa City

By car (about 45 minutes)

Shishiku Plateau

Shishiku Highland (1 hour)

*Sky Shishiku (use the ropeway), enjoy the panorama from the top

Shirayama-hime Shrine

Shirayama-hime Shrine (1 hour)

By car (about 20 minutes)

Tedori Gorge 

Tedori Gorge (15 minutes)

By car (about 1 hour)

Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine

Hakusan Dinosaur Park Shiramine (45 minutes)

By car (about 5 minutes)

Kuwajima Fossil Wall 

Kuwajima Fossil Wall (15 minutes)

By car (about 15 minutes)

 Million-Kan Rock

Million-Kan Rock (15 minutes)

By car (about 2 hours)


Kanazawa City