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Shopping/Leisure:Kanazawa Area


  Some popular souvenirs from the Noto are Wajima lacquerware, salt made from the Suzu salt farms, and traditional straw shoes, hand-made by women at the Wajima Morning Market.


The most popular souvenirs from Kanazawa are gold leaf products and Kaga Yuzen fabrics. Recently, there has also been a boom in cosmetic products containing gold leaf.


The most popular souvenirs from the Kaga and Mt. Hakusan Region are Yamanaka lacquerware and Kutaniyaki ceramics, traditional crafts that have been passed down from long ago. Handmade fabrics using the traditional Uchikubi weaving method in the Mt. Hakusan region are also very popular.

Hakuza Hikari Kura

Here one can feel the lingering ambience of a tea ceremony room. The shop offers a variety of original products that are not available anywhere else.

Omicho Ichiba

Located in the center of Kanazawa, Omicho-ichiba is a famous local market, which was first established as a morning market some 400 years ago.

Ishikawa Souvenirs and Gifts Shop

Situated very close to Kenrokuen, this facility displays and sells a variety of famous local products such as Japanese sweets, sea products, local Sake wine, arts and crafts, etc.

Kanazawa Hyakubangai Shopping Center

This is a shopping district located inside JR Kanazawa station with a number of specialty stores that offer a large variety of souvenirs. There are a total of 140 shops.