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Shopping/Leisure:Kaga/Hakusan Area


  Some popular souvenirs from the Noto are Wajima lacquerware, salt made from the Suzu salt farms, and traditional straw shoes, hand-made by women at the Wajima Morning Market.


The most popular souvenirs from Kanazawa are gold leaf products and Kaga Yuzen fabrics. Recently, there has also been a boom in cosmetic products containing gold leaf.


The most popular souvenirs from the Kaga and Mt. Hakusan Region are Yamanaka lacquerware and Kutaniyaki ceramics, traditional crafts that have been passed down from long ago. Handmade fabrics using the traditional Uchikubi weaving method in the Mt. Hakusan region are also very popular.

Tsuki-usagi no Sato (Urushigura)

Besides playing with the rabbits that are roaming freely inside the Park, there is also an Urushigura Art Museum where visitors can enjoy various lacquerware and sculpture exhibits.

Yamanaka Lacquerware Traditional Industry Hall

With a 400-year history, this Center introduces the traditional Yamanaka Lacquerware to visitors in different angles and perspectives.

Abio City Kaga Hyakusengai

Special products of Kaga can be found on the first floor of Abio City Kaga in front of the JR Kaga Onsen Station.