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Museums:Kaga/Hakusan Area


  The Noto boasts the Ishikawa Wajima Lacquerware Art Museum as well as the Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum which features traditional Japanese drawings by Touhaku Hasegawa, who was born in the Noto and was a definitive artist of the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (latter half of the 16th century).


  Kanazawa is home to many art museums, most famous of which are perhaps the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art, which exhibits historical art from all over Ishikawa, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, which exhibits modern art from all over the world.


  The Ishikawa Kutaniyaki Ceramics Art Museum and the Kutaniyaki Kiln Remains Exhibition tell the long history of Kutaniyaki Ceramics and are a must see in the Kaga and Mt. Hakusan Region.

Kutaniyaki Kiln Exhibition Pavilion

Welcome to the hometown of Kutaniyaki. You can see the oldest Kutaniyaki Kama-ato (oven) inside this Exhibition Hall.

Kutaniyaki Art Museum

A museum specialized in introducing the art of Kutaniyaki Porcelain; you will truly understand the magnificence of Kutaniyaki and the importance of personal encounter with each pieces of art.

Motorcar Museum of Japan

This Museum has about 500 automobiles from all over the world on display at all times.

Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice

You will have a fun time learning about the wonders of snow and ice and about the scientist Dr. Ukichiro in this Museum.

Matsui Hideki Baseball Museum

You can enjoy tracing the steps of Major league baseball player Hideki Matsui and see his road to glory starting from his childhood lives.

Kitamaebune Ship Museum

A rare museum that was reconstructed from a family house, which was owned by Sakatani Family, one of the owners of the Kitamae ship. This Museum tells the story of the luxury lives of the people during the late Edo Period through the Meiji Period.

Nippon Origami Museum

The World's largest Origami Museum with about 100,000 pieces of Origami on display.